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Turkish   |   Puerto Rican |   Based in Houston Texas

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Guzel Kandemir is a Professional Entertainer, Belly Dancer and Fire Artist.


Her journey in the entertainment industry started at a very young age introduced to her by her parents.
Her father was a musician and former dancer in Turkey and my mother a well-known dance teacher in Puerto Rico.

Influenced by both their love for performance, art and their cultures Turkish and Puerto Rican, at age 3 she was already learning from them a very old Turkish traditional dance name Kafkas. By age 4, she was performing other folk dances like La Bomba y Plena Puertorriqueña, Zeybek even Karachay in small stages or family gatherings. Since then, her love for the art form just grew. 

Güzel is an experienced dancer with an extended background training and studying different dance style and sports like a ballet, belly dance, hula dance, baton  twirler, cheerleader, fire manipulation, within many others. She has participated in many competitions as a soloist artist winning first place nationally.  As a result, Güzel was sponsored to compete at the ESPN Twirl Mania National Championships in Orlando, FL. She has made appearances in festivals, carnivals and parades representing her talent in places such as  the Puerto Rican Parade in New York and Florida, as well as the Disney Parade in Orlando FL and Macy's Parade.

Guzel is been performing Oriental Belly dance for 11 years in the United States and she is now based in Houston, Texas. 

Her perfomances are traditional and modern, family friendly, providing unique quality entertainment.

She makes most of her props, costumes and choreographies. 


Güzel has also trained since 2006 as a fire manipulator  working on technical skills and safety. She's currently skilled in 12 different fire acts; multiple fire props like

Double Fire staff, Poi's, Waits Belt, Fire eating, spinning Fire fans, balancing Fire sword, Fire wheel & more. She is now one of  Houston's most recognized Fire Artists providing

indoor and outdoor friendly stunning fire performances. 


Güzel is forever evolving into a better artist, training hard and reinventing her self and her show to provide the best of out there! 



After competing and performing for many years, Güzel also coaches as a dance instructor. 
Güzel is an Insured Professional.


Concerts & Galas

Mediterrenean Gala  |   Project Name   |   2017/2018/2019  |   Belly Dancer

Lebanese Gala  |   Project Name   |   2017  | Belly  Dancer

Sawma Concerts  |   Sawma Events  |   2016/2017/2018/2019/2020  |   Belly Dancer

Parades & Festivals

Macy's Parade  |   5th Ave New York   |  Dancer

Puerto Rican Parade |   New York/ Tampa FL   |   2006 |   Twirling & Band

Lebanese Festival Jones Plaza | 2017 | Solo Belly Dance & Luna Oriental

Disney Parade  |  Walt Universal Studios  |   2013  |   Professional Twirler

Cirque Noir Festivals  | 2016-Current | Cirque Entertainer Circus Belly Dancer

Lebanese Festival  | 2019 | Duo Belly Dance Performance

Restaurants, Lounge & Bar

BeyRoot Lounge  |   Belly Dance Show  |   2020 - Current  |   Lead Entertainment

Cafe Mawal   |  Belly Dance Show  |   2016 - Current  |   Performing Artist Belly Dancer

RestHouse Cafe   |   Belly Dance Show  |   2019- Current |   Belly Dancer

Cafe Mawal Express  | Belly Dance Show | 2019- Current  | Belly Dance

Hayat Cafe  | Belly Dance Show | 2020- Current | Belly Dancer

Midpoint Bar & Grill Katy l Belly Dancer l 2017- Current l Private Events

Alexander the Great | Belly Dance SHow  | 2019-2020  |  | Belly Dancer

Andalucia Tapas & Bar | Belly Dance Show | 2013-2020 |  | Fusion Belly Dance

Cedars Tapas & Bar | Belly Dance Show | 2018-2019  | Belly Dancer

Houston House of Blues l Fashion Show l Belly Dancer   

SNP Cafe and Lounge l Belly Dance Show

Glow Hookah Lounge l Belly Dance Show

Sheer Hookah Lounge l  Belly Dance show l  

Cafe Europe  | Tuesday Belly Dance Show  | 2013-2017 | Belly Dancer 


Byblos Houston l Belly Dance Show l 2015-2018 l Belly Dancer 

Skewers Mediterranean Cafe & Grill l Belly Dance Show 

Majorca Tapas & Bar | Friday Belly Dance Show | 2014-2016  | Belly Dancer

Cafe Layal  | Friday Belly Dance Show  | 2013-2015 | Belly Dancer

 Training & Workshops 

Ponticia Universidad Católica de Ponce  |   Business Admin     |  Fashion Designs

Escuela de Artes Plásticas de San Juan  | Arts & Performance  | Fashion Designs

FIT New York | Arts & Fashion Designs 

 Special Skills 

Props maker, headdress maker, costume wear

Perfoming specialty acts doable batons staff, led act, fire manipulation